Welcome to Changing Leaves!

Changing Leaves Yoga aims to connect with all people.
No matter size, Yoga experience, or life situation, Yoga is for you.

Welcome to Changing Leaves Yoga & Reiki Studio!

Here at Changing Leaves, we truly thrive on the passion and love of yoga, self-connection, self-discovery, and community. Come throw down your mat on our old hardwood floor, gaze at the candles, and enjoy the sound of your own breath. We strive to make our studio a place not to escape, but to come back to the basics of who you truly are.

Our studio is Located in the heart of little West Salem, Ohio.

Learn about who you are and what you're made up of in this moment. Learn to love that. Allow your very existence in this moment to become the vehicle which will carry you to where ever you choose to go. We take a moment at the beginning of every class to simply listen to our breath, and our heartbeat and connect with the essence of who we truly are.

I believe we have truly begun to break through the barriers of what a person who does yoga should look like or feel like, or count themselves out due to any physical limitations they may have. I believe our students here at Changing Leaves have begun to realize that the true beauty of the practice lies within self-discovery, self-love, and self-acceptance. When this frame of mind is achieved, it becomes simple to see just how impactful the practice can be, and that the body, as it is, does not truly have a whole lot to do with the actual practice. Yes, we do postures which stretch the entire body, get the heart pumping and make us feel alive. I remind my students every chance I get that their practice is personal and that each individual should give themselves permission to accept where they are in the moment, and modify their practice as needed in each and every class. There is a place for every student. Everyone can do yoga. 

We also offer Reiki Treatments & Training for Reiki Practitioners! Reiki is such an incredible healing art, and I so enjoy practicing on myself & others as well as teaching and training other Reiki Practitioners. Reiki is an amazing addition to any Yoga Practice and to your daily life journey!

Your Teacher

Monthly Focus

We will spend the year learning month by month about the magic of the postures, the ways in which the body responds to certain postures and how they all build upon each other to make a cohesive practice altogether. We will continue to have a well-rounded practice within each class and will have an emphasis or “spotlight” on the current months' focus as we move along.

Postures & Practice
Detox & Align
Purifying Breaths & Twisting Postures
Plant Your Roots & Get Grounded
Standing Postures
Cultivating Energy
Pranayama/ Breathing Techniques
Finding Balance & Taking Flight
Balancing Postures
Awaken Your Purpose
Root Chakra/ Base of Spine
Discover Your Creativity
Sacral Chakra/ Hip Openers/ Pelvic Area
Ignite Your Fire
Solar Plexus Chakra- Core & Abdominal Region
Open Your Heart
Heart Chakra/ Heart Openers/ Back Bends
Find Your Voice
Throat Chakra/Shoulder/Neck Stretches/ Chest Openers
Finding Clarity
Third Eye Chakra/ Standing Forward Folding/ Head Below Heart
Shift Your Perspective
Preparations for Inversions, Modified Inversions, Inversions
Draw Within & Restore
Restorative Postures, Forward Folding

On Sundays We Restore ✌️❤️🕉 

Today, I sunk into a soothing Restorative Yoga Practice that calmed my soul and gave my immune system a much-needed hug ❤️ I used my Serenity and Balance essential oils to support my restful and grounding postures ❤️ 
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!! 

Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth to you all! Just a reminder that the studio will be closed tomorrow July 4th in honor of the day! 
Much Peace & Love to all! 

Namaste! ✌️❤️🕉 🇱🇷

Reiki Certification Program Beginning!

Want to learn how to perform Reiki on yourself or Others? Dream of becoming a Reiki Master? Claim your space today! 
Stop at the studio, send a message or head on the Changing Leaves Yoga Mindbody App today! 

Reiki Coming Soon to Changing Leaves Yoga Studio!

Reiki Coming Soon to Changing Leaves Yoga in West Salem, Ohio! Stay Tuned for Details! 
Call/Email for More Information!